what's inside?

we at birthday oils have discovered how to blend essential oils to produce authentic fragrances that mean so much more... fragrances for balancing body, mind, spirit and soul for well-being and harmony........meaningful because they say you are special and unique.

birthday oils are made of certified blends of essential oils in various concentrations, 4-6 essential oils in each birthday oil. The essential oils are the active ingredient; they are diluted in carrier oils (grapeseed/jojoba).

essential oils are reputed to have been the first ever fragrances. They are volatile plant oils consisting of tiny aromatic molecules and are readily absorbed via the skin and inhaled by the lungs to enter the bloodstream and also stimulate the limbic system. In so doing, they deliver their beneficial qualities, balancing the entire being.

birthday oils are personal because they are made to order and are based upon an individual's date of birth; hence birthday oils.

we take your date of birth and apply the principles of energetics to discover your energy signature, a representation of a moment in time and space that reveals your birthright, your essence! Your energy signature says who you are and who you always will be in an ever-changing universe.

we are all born out of balance; it is the price we pay for our individual consciousness!  Imbalance may lead to dis-ease and dis-harmony. We use the principles of energetics from the oriental 'advanced five elements ' model, and apply the balancing properties of essential oils to your energy signature in order to enable the balance that leads to your well-being and harmony.

energy signature image

energy signatures are kaleidoscope pattens of energy
changing according to the cycles of life

which of the five elements rules your life? Which characteristics come from your birthright? From the yang wood rat to the yin water pig, we at birthday oils are specialists in reading energy signatures!

having worked together to these ends, Michael and Jenny are delighted to be able to offer their unique range of personalised birthday oils to you and someone you care about!

about us

after graduating from the International College of Oriental Medicine in 1994, Michael Edmondson Lic.Ac began his clinical practice using the ancient and virtually secret energy model known as tian gan di zhi (stems & branches) http://www.orientalmed.ac.uk/ in order to understand the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony and diagnose the imbalances that by degrees lead to the symptoms being presented to him by his clients.

Michael was struck by the accuracy of the energy model in understanding the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony. Within 5 years of graduating he had conducted a research study consisting of 144 clients seen in over 700 clinical sessions. Over 85% of clients benefited from applying the energy model.

teaming up with an aromatherapist, Michael researched a list of essential oils with their corresponding 5 element energetic properties http://www.holisticonline.com/acupuncture/acp_five_elements.htm. Further years of research and development, applying these essential oils to the energy model, resulted in the creation of essential oil blends based upon an individual's date of birth.

along with his life partner and former health professional Jenny Shaw, the two of them have developed these blends and have brought them to the market place in the form that we now know as birthday oils.

having worked together to these ends, Michael and Jenny are delighted to be able to offer their unique range of personalised birthday oils to you!

our philosophy

we are a new company based in England and our oil blends are made in the U.K. we only use 100% natural ingredients in all of our blends, selected from 32 certified essential oils and our blends do not contain any artificial fragrances, chemicals, colourings or preservatives, they comply with the E.U regulations on not using any ingredients tested on animals, they are individually made to order and dispatched the same day!

in the development of our product, from beginning to end we have endeavoured to source our materials from recycled material and / or materials that can be 100% recycled.

we believe birthday oils are special. they are not just skin deep, they also have pedigree! they carry within themselves secret formulations based upon an ancient Oriental model for maintaining health and wellness. coupled with the artistry of aromatherapy...... and all related to you!

birthday oils values every one of our customers and we aim to put our customers' shopping and purchasing experience at the top of our priorities. we have set out to deliver a quality product, with a friendly, responsive customer care service to match.

Michael and Jenny would love to invite you to follow and join in with us on facebook and / or twitter as we develop birthday oils into the future.