1. scent - room fragrancer to harmonise you and your personal space
  2. gift - the perfect personalised gift or simply a treat for yourself
  3. harmony - aromatherapy and oriental model combined, to enable the balance that leads to well-being and harmony
  4. luxury - immerse yourself in aromatic fragrances, opulent, soothing and therapeutic
  5. birthday oils

are you a yin fire dragon or yang fire rooster....

yang wood monkey or maybe yin earth snake?

discover which of our blends of essential oils corresponds to each and every birthday.
a unique gift idea or a treat for yourself.

enter birthday and discover your chosen blend

date format eg. 21 10 1999
yang earth dragon generous, sensitive, powerful - ways to use birthday oils - luxury bath additive, soothing massage oil, aromatic room fragrancer yang water monkey playful, cool, cheeky yang water monkey intelligent, energetic, lively yang fire tiger sensual, adventurous, aware yang metal horse deeply emmotional, sensitive